Saturday, May 14, 2011

Research: Are People Ready for eHealth?

" The authors concluded that although the amount of online health-related information and services is consistently growing, it appears that the general population lacks the skills to keep up. Most problematic appear to be the lack of information and strategic Internet skills, which, in the context of health, are very important. The lack of these skills is also problematic for members of younger generations, who are often considered skilled Internet users. This primarily seems to account for the operational and formal Internet skills. The results of the study strongly call for policies to increase the level of Internet skills."

This is exactly the pain-point which the Healthwise Knowledgebase solves ! Improving the user's critical assessment skills is hard to do - but providing them with a curated, well-defined well-crafted health knowledgebase can ensure they will find information they can trust and use !


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