Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why doctors will need to change

Sometimes I wonder what it will take for doctors to change their age-old habits - many of which are quite bad ! For example Indian doctors still do not bother to document their clinical encounters. They just advise a list of tests and a prescription, without even bothering to record their clinical findings - or even a provisional clinical diagnosis.

No amount of cajoling or bullying seems to make a difference. I think the only way of getting doctors to change will be pressure applied by their patients. As their patients change, doctors will need to evolve too !

Many patients are now online, looking for information about their medical problems; as well as the name of a doctor or hospital who can solve their problem. If patients go online, how can doctors afford to be left behind ?

Progressive doctors already have their own websites - and it's just a matter of time till digital clinics become the norm. Doctors will need to meet their patient's expectations - or they will lose them to savvy competitors, who will take the cream of their patients away from them.

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