Saturday, October 30, 2010

Promoting Patient-Centered Healthcare in India - Dr Shalini Ratan

This is Dr Shalini Ratan's talk at the Putting Patients First conference held in Mumbai, India recently


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  3. Rahul Khatri12:46 PM

    Everyone says that private healthcare is high quality and hence is high cost. i don agree with them at all. To me AIIMS is the high quality, and yet its low cost for the patients. Quality and costs are 2 different angles of healthcare. No high cost hospital can ever guarantee a high quality care. they can only assure, but not guarantee. Let me tell you these people are really smart. We, the general public, are fool. We are so scared of Healthcare that we follow our doctors blindly. Like what they recommend is always right. This is what happened with me. I needed antibiotic once. My doctor recommended a brand from a thrid tier company, the name of the company I had never heard of. Forgotten the brand name. the cost of the brand was 750 for 10 tabs. The same molecule was available by GSK at Rs 450. Wasnt that a loot by the doctor. GSK being a research driven company selling its research product much lesser than a totally unknown company.
    See thats where we are being fooled by the doctors and hospitals. Another example. My uncle wanted to undergo cataract surgery. Same surgery costed different in different hospitals, using the same implants. I made smart decision by using a low cost hospitals and saved cool rs 20,000+ on a surgery which would have costed me rs 40,000 in a, so called, big hospital. i recommend using web services like,, to find out low cost options in healthcare and be smart. No need to be afraid of healthcare.


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