Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taking infertile patients for a ride !

I got an email from a patient whose fallopian tubes were blocked at the fimbrial end. I explained to her that her best option would be IVF.

She was very concerned about how expensive IVF was; and wanted to explore alternative options. She sent me a link to this website - Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit (USA & Canada) and asked me my opinion as to whether this would be useful.

Visiting this site made my blood boil - and also taught me a lot about how people will prey on an infertile patient's desperation and ignorance and take them for a ride. It's also a great example of clever marketing ! The manufacturer has cleverly packaged a few herbs, tampons, books and DVDs ( costing about US $ 50) - and is selling them as a Kit ( for over US $ 500 ) to help women with blocked tubes get pregnant ! It's a great selling job because the site has testimonials and long-winded explanations as to why this kit works ( all of which are just hot air ) If this actually worked, I'd be happy to close my IVF clinic and send all my patients to this person ! The reality is that this is all marketing hype, which is being used to exploit infertile couples.

The only way couples can protect themselves from such quacks is by arming themselves with Information Therapy !
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