Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Poor quality IVF medical treatment records - let the patient beware !

It breaks my heart when I see how poorly patients are informed about their IVF treatment. It seems to be a conspiracy of silence - and most doctors seem to be extremely stingy about sharing medical details with their patients . I find this very difficult to understand - after all, the patient has a legal right to their medical records.

Many IVF clinics provided printed treatment summaries - which conceal more than they reveal.

I have attached an image of a " treatment summary" of a patient who had IVF done in a leading IVF clinic in Delhi ( name removed to protect the guilty !).

While it seems quite impressive , there is no medical information in it at all ! The doctor does not even specify how many eggs were collected !

There are no details about the embryo quality - or even how many embryos were transferred !

When I see records like this, I wonder what the doctor has to hide - and
why !

Patients get what they deserve - and unless IVF patients start demanding photos of their embryos, I do not think the state of affairs is going to improve !

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