Sunday, October 24, 2010

A baby for a couple from Hyderabad

We are a couple from Hyderabad, and I would like to share my success story @ Malpani Infertility Clinic Mumbai…..

Some one rightly said " We have not lost faith in GOD but transformed it from GOD to Doctor” somehow I had a doubt in this statement but now I do not find any false in this statement, since this situation was true for us with Dr. Malpani and his team.

Its is five years now we are married and for the first two years we planned not to have any children, and for the next 3 years we tried to have children and left no stone unturned and visited all doctors, experts, used all medicines with an hope that things will be fine, however our every hope was turning against hope and one day we heard about Dr. Malpani clinic, but we were not too sure about and thought it is another clinic who will advise to take some other medicine or wait for some more time. But somewhere in the heart we were of the hope of things turning in our favor, and decided to write a mail with all the details of reports and explaining the problem, my wife was all perfect , but there was some problem with my sperm count and it was almost NIL.

Trust me we would have exchanged at least 50 mails before we left for Mumbai for treatment in month of August, and to our surprising he replied to all the mails even at midnight 1:00 A.M. and with all the information we traveled to Mumbai.

Then we planned our trip to Mumbai and met Dr Anirudh Malpani. After meeting Dr Anirudh Malpani whatever little doubts we had with regards to treatment and expertise had disappeared. We found Dr Malpani and his team very friendlier, caring and above all the place is more than a home away from home and as you see in his entrance " Right place to have your baby” The treatment continued for about 20 days where from the day one my wife is given injections which continue for all the days and finally the day has come where doctors and his expert team make "sperm meet the egg”, to my surprising the reports says zero sperms but trust me Dr Malpani with his experts team were able to retrieve sperm from me and could fertilize the egg.

On the 3rd day post egg retrieval, they could produce eight A grade embryos and four of them were implanted, from there a three days of rest and we flew back to Hyderabad, its was a fourteen day test match we were playing with all for luck and grace of Ganesha.

Finally the day has come to face the result and to our surprising and GOD’s grace the test was positive and the gift was not one but two……. She is now in her third month pregnancy and every thing is fine and normal like natural pregnancy, even today I write to Dr. Malpani for assistance and he is the only person who replies so promptly without any hesitation and with all care and above all with great responsibility as a Doctor…

Finally I would say this would have not been possible without Dr. Malpani and his entire team, they are the greatest gift for us in this modern world………. I pray GOD for their happiness and good health and all the luck in their life.

Srinivas and Madhavi

mailto:[email protected]

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