Friday, June 27, 2008

Why is premature ejaculation so common ?

Premature ejaculation is one of the commonest sexual problems affecting men - and maybe far commoner than it's much-hyped cousin, ED ( erectile dysfunction). I was having a fascinating conversation at dinner with my friend, Dr Hemant Morparia and he was explaining his theory for why premature ejaculation is so common in men ( doctors have weird dinner-table
conversations - this is an occupational hazard !)

He used evolutionary psychology ( aka sociobiology) to explain his thesis. When man first started having sex, " quickies " were far safer than prolonged intercourse, which meant evolution favoured premature ejaculators for many reasons.

1. They could have sex with more women, this winning the "sperm wars".
2. Having sex in the open left the couple vulnerable to dangers from predators. Men who completed intercourse faster reduced their exposure to danger.
3. There was little privacy in primitive times, and having sex in front of other men meant that they would get sexually aroused by watching the act , and would want to have sex with his partner . Premature ejaculators could have sex more quickly and quietly, and thus were less likely to create competition with the other males.

Does this make sense ?

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