Sunday, June 15, 2008


JAY PARKINSON + MD + MPH: "Hello Health is the consumer brand of healthcare delivery from your neighborhood doctor powered by the Myca platform. As a member of Hello Health, you log in, tell us what’s wrong in your own words, then schedule an appointment just as easily as making an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar — and then a doctor shows up at your house at your requested time. And it costs about $50 cheaper than your typical office-based physician. Hello Health is a consumer brand — not a healthcare brand, but a consumer brand much like Zipcar, Netflix, or FedEx — it’s the “consumer experience” of having your own accessible neighborhood doctor who communicates the way we all communicate these days via email, IM, video chat, and text messaging. Hello Health is a “Geek Squad” of doctors for a Netflix-priced, monthly subscription fee. We’re modeling ourselves on consumer brands that have changed established industries much like FedEx, Toyota, Whole Foods, Zipcar, Netflix, and Apple. But we’re using our technology and the power of our consumer-focused brand, hello health, to change healthcare — to rescue both patients and doctors."

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