Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Personal Health Planners

Personal Health Planners - Enabling You to Make Informed Decisions About Healthcare: "Why do I need a Personal Health Planner?

The healthcare system today is very complex, with frustrating and confusing policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and information overload. It’s hard to know whom to turn to for advice or what information is accurate. A Personal Health Planner is a healthcare professional who knows the inner workings of the complex system and can help guide you through the maze of decisions you need to make for your health. Ho‘okele Personal Health Planners are RNs, pharmacists, and therapists who work together with our Physician Advisors to help you navigate your way through the system.

What does a Personal Health Planner do?

A Personal Health Planner’s role is to serve as a caring professional to provide you with information, assistance, tools and support to enable you to make the best healthcare decisions for your particular situation. Every individual has different needs, lifestyles, combinations of conditions, and desired outcomes. A Personal Health Planner will help customize the right plan to meet your goals.

If you are sick, a Personal Health Planner can help you to understand your disease, advocate for you when you are in the hospital, work with your physician to be sure you understand your treatment options, help you to arrange for a second opinion or find a specialist, or assist you with finding the right providers and scheduling appointments with community and other resources. We manage all the details of your illness so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

If you are healthy, a Personal Health Planner can help you develop your plan for health improvement to meet your wellness goals. We can help you develop a roadmap, keep you on track and help to keep you motivated.

If you are managing the care of a loved one, a Personal Health Planner can help you keep abreast of their progress even if you cannot physically be with them. We can help you keep track of their records with a personal health record, communicate with their providers on your behalf, and help ease the burden of attending to all the details, especially from long

This is a whole new career option - which would be great for retired nurses or doctors who want to provide VIP patients with VIP services !

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