Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Electronic Health Information Exchange - a Guide for Consumers

Electronic Health Information Exchange - a Guide for Consumers " Secure Electronic Health Information Exchange
- Allows your physicians to access the right medical information at the right time.
- Allows your physicians to share critical health information so they can make decisions
that may impact your treatment.
- Ensures that healthcare providers have the critical life-saving information they need
in times of emergency."

What does this means for patients ?
" All healthcare providers involved with your care can
access the information they need to know, only when they need to know it.
- No more clipboard and forms. Eliminates the need for repetitive retelling of medical history each time you see a provider.
- Less telephone tag and runaround for test results and follow-up messages, both for personal
healthcare as well as for administrative details.
- Avoids the cost of unnecessary/duplicate drugs, tests and/or visits."

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