Wednesday, May 16, 2007

| Elements Health Plans | Business Model

| Elements Health Plans | Business Model: "Elements realized years ago that employers have typically seen traditional disease-based health insurance as a “health plan.” The traditional brokerage community has fostered this thinking by almost exclusively selling disease-based insurance products. Yet few, if any, employ qualified health professionals, or provide any activities or programs that actually lower health care costs.

It is Elements' belief that every client is unique and creates a work plan to gather data, identify a direction that makes sense, design the complete package, and communicate this to the employees in an easy to understand format.

The Elements Health Plans model has evolved from nearly 20 years of experience in the health insurance and health promotion industry. Our management team has collectively over 100 years experience in the health insurance, financial services, and worksite wellness business.

We are seen as the leaders in the design of integrated health plan models, even to the extent that brokers are asking us to design programs for their respective clients."

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