Thursday, May 10, 2007

Helping doctors to manage administrative paperwork using a digital lockbox

Helping doctors to manage administrative paperwork using a digital lockbox " The back-office of the 21st century medical practice continues to deal with an avalanche of paper. A study published in 2003 by the New England Journal of Medicine reports that paperwork and administrative costs account for 31% of the total cost of healthcare. More practically, just talking to a practice business manager or observing the workflow in any physician’s business office confirms the obvious – a practice’s cash flow is still tightly linked to paper. A practice deals with an avalanche of EOBs, checks, invoices and other statements that never stop coming. The tedious work of dealing with this paper is mission-critical.

A solution to the inefficient manual processing of paper for medical practices exists in
the form of a Digital Lockbox, a service that combines the benefits of a traditional bank
lockbox solution with document imaging capabilities. Practices that use a Digital Lockbox
effectively outsource the processing of their mail to their service provider. Practice
mail is received at the service provider’s operations center where it is opened, sorted and
processed. Processing includes both depositing of checks and scanning of documents.
The paper documents are typically returned to the practice for storage or disposal.
Documents are accessed online by practice administrative staff."

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