Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Employee Health Management Programs

Employee Health Management Programs: " Insurance is an important piece of the health care pie but will not provide a valuable return to employers or employees unless it is integrated with pro-active Health Management programs and services.

From years of research, we have learned the following seven key facts about the relationship between employee health and corporate healthcare costs:

*Higher employee health risk leads to higher healthcare cost. Risk factors include excess weight, high cholesterol, poor diet, smoking, alcohol addiction, and lack of exercise.
* The health risk of an employee can easily and reliably be measured. This is accomplished through automated employee health risk appraisal questionnaires together with biometric measurement.
* The health risk of an employee can be reduced, and lower employee health risk leads to lower cost.
* The most cost-effective way to reduce employee health risk is through lifestyle change and appropriate medical intervention that is self-care based.
* In order to be effective, lifestyle change and medical intervention must be targeted to an employee’s risk level and “stage of change. An employee’s stage of change is a measure of an employee’s readiness to implement change, according to a scientific model of behavior awareness.

While employers have the benefit of management information tools like P&L accounts, balance sheets, production and maintenance reports and sales pipelines, there are no equivalent tools to help manage employee health costs – until now. Elements provides each client with knowledge tools and aggregated predictive data that provides a health & well-being fingerprint of their population. By linking business drivers to the Employee Health Management Program, Elements optimizes individual and corporate performance."

If human capital is such a valuable resource, then why aren't corporates spending more money and resources in ensuring their employees are in the pink of health ?

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