Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The problem with professionals

Everyone knows the Indian legal system is sick. The judicial system is clogged, and it can take decades to get justice. Well-meaning judges have tried to address this problem by introducing the option of ADR - alternative dispute resolution, so that citizens can resolve their problems quickly and get justice without enduring the inerminable wait which is the hallmark of the Indian judiciary today.
While one would expect that most people would jump at this opportunity to expedite matters and stay out of the court, a lawyer told me that the reason ADRs will never become popular in India is because of lawyers themselves ! There is so much more money to be made ( for the lawyers) by slugging it out in the court, that very few lawyers are honest and upright enough to offer the ADR option to their clients ( even though they know it would be far better for their clients !)
I guess it's pretty similar to the healthcare system. It's really an illness-care system; with doctors being so focussed on fixing problems after the patient falls sick, that they do not even think about preventing them ! What a waste of time, money and energy, which could have been fruitfully employed in improving the quality of life for everyone !

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