Saturday, June 24, 2006

Embryos and the New Reproductive Technologies:

Embryos and the New Reproductive Technologies:: "The need in the field of reproductive medicine is not only ethics and morality, but laws. Certainly morality and ethics cannot be legislated. However, this area of medicine and high tech fertility procedures has outpaced the laws, which reflect only traditional ways of 'making babies'. It’s time that the legislature move into the twenty-first century and define what we as a society have accepted as a usual course in the treatment of infertility. This would mean re-defining 'mother' and 'father' to include the variety of options available to patients at fertility clinics. Patients who do go through these procedures should take care to protect themselves by hiring an attorney who is an expert in the field of reproductive medicine. By providing for contingencies, and transferring parental rights through such legal counsel, couples will avoid many of the heartaches later. Unfortunately, nothing can prevent the heartache of leaning that your embryos, which were to be in safe keeping, were sold off to the highest bidder."
I find this suggestion truly frightening ! Why would patients trust a lawyer more than they trust their own doctor ? I wonder how many IVF clinics would want to treat a couple who wanted to transfer their parental rights ? And how can you transfer your parental rights ?

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