Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Power to the Patient with e-healthcare

Power to the Patient with e-healthcare" Patient self-service and secure communication will not be beneficial to patients unless there is adoption from physicians. In order to gain adoption the physician must be sold on the value proposition associated with providing these types of services. As an example, from a benefits perspective research from Healthcast 2010 indicates that an estimated 20% of the 830 million annual office visits per year could be eliminated by online communications between clinicians and patients. With each visit averaging about $63, about $7 billion could be saved each year in clinical messaging. Furthermore, patient self-service transactions and online communication can increase practice efficiency and productivity through fewer telephone calls, decreased administrative costs, and growth through attraction of new patients. One result of increased practice efficiency would be that more office visits could be reserved for, as well as physicians dedicating more of their time to those patients truly requiring face-to-face care."
E-healthcare is a win-win situation - if we can get doctors to buy in to the idea ! The ones who do ( the early adopters) will do much better than the laggards !

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