Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Language of Medicine

The Language of Medicine: " Wits occasionally describe England and the U.S. as two countries separated by a common language. I feel one might say a similar thing about doctor and patient. As a former English major, I spend perhaps more time than most observing the language of this profession. I find myself uneasy at times with the transition I am making, at an almost alarming pace, from viewing medicine through the eyes of a patient to seeing it with those of a physician."
Both doctors and patients can learn a lot from medical students, as they pass from one world ( of the layperson) to another ( that of the medical professional).

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  1. Anonymous4:52 AM

    How true you are! Check out what children in hospitals say about the language and approach of

    Third column on the sitemap, in section for health professionals (tips to doctors from the bandaide experts)
    Best, Joan Fleitas
    Associate Professor of Nursing


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