Friday, February 17, 2006

Home Semen Analysis Kit

Home Semen Analysis Kit: This website sells a " kit which includes everything you need to confidently do accurate semen analysis." DIY carried to its logical conclusion for couples who are worried about their fertility !
I have mixed feelings about this test. Doing an accurate semen analysis can be technically difficult and challenging, and many laboratory technicians do not do a good job of it. I wonder how well inexperienced patients will perform on their own ? On the other hand, because the patient is doing the test themselves, maybe they'll be much more careful and conscientious when doing it !


  1. I own the business that sells Home Semen Analysis Kits. I am so pleased to see that you found my site. First, the Home Semen Analysis Kit is not intended to be a substitute for professional semen analysis done by a certified lab. The kit is intended to supplement the information a couple gets from the lab. However, that said, I believe that this kit gives couples the tools they need to get high quality semen analysis at home. I started this company after my own success doing semen analysis at home.

    The kit is not for couples who need one or two semen analysis to confirm the man’s fertility. It is intended to help men trying to improve their fertility, especially after a vasectomy reversal. In reality many couples use a microscope to check their semen. My company provides the instructions and tools couples need to get it right. You can see a brief description of what is involved at [URL=]How to do semen analysis at home[/URL].

    I had a vasectomy reversal. Since the clinic was always busy I worried that my sample may have been sitting out too long before it was analyzed. I was concerned, as you note, that the laboratory technicians were not doing a good job. It was hard to get the sample to the clinic quickly enough. Plus, I hated handing over the sample to what always seemed to be a young woman, in front of all the other people that always seemed to be around. We wanted more frequent results than were practical to get from clinical semen analysis. I worked with an andrologist to be certain I was getting it right. I was so pleased with my ability to get accurate results that I started the company.

    We supply microscopes that are calibrated so it is easy to convert from the number of sperm in a field of view to sperm density in million/mL. We include a test solution of sperm sized spheres so couples can be confident about their ability to use the microscope and count sperm before they collect a sample and do an actual count. We include specific instructions for how to assess motility. We also include a graduated cylinder so couples can measure semen volume to get total sperm counts. We provide a spreadsheet that does all the calculations.

    Morphology is a bit harder. However, our microscopes have excellent optics so couples can see what the sperm look like. One the website I post videos of examples of poor morphology photographed through Kokopelli Technologies microscopes. Combine this with an accurate clinical exam so the couple knows what to look for and they can even do an assessment of morphology.

    Many, many couples have used our kits to successfully track the man’s fertility. Our site also has a discussion of what can be done to improve sperm health. Thanks again for noticing us.

  2. Let me try the link to the instructions again-

    Home Semen Analysis Instructions:

    I hope this works.

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