Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cutting out the middleman

It's a sad fact of life that a lot of consultants who practise in Bombay offer kickbacks as incentives to general practitioners ( family physicians) in order to solicit patient referrals. We've never done this, and this means we rarely get referrals from family physicians ( who would rather refer patients to the IVF clinics which do offer them a kickback). What's amazing is that we have managed to flourish, even though we don't toe the standard line. I feel the reason for this is our high pregnancy rates and the excellent standards of patient-care we offer - but this would not be enough . Today, thanks to the internet and our website at, most of our patients come to us directly. What I love about the internet is that it allows patients to compare clinics from all over the world - and they are now no longer dependent upon their family doctor for a referral - they can search for the best clinic for themselves ! This is why many of our patients are doctors or nurses - who are capable , confident and competent enough to decide for themselves !

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