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Signs of failed IVF in 2ww | Symptoms that can tell you whether or not you're pregnant before you take a pregnancy test

Signs of failed IVF in 2ww

It's reasonable to be concerned about the fate of the embryos implanted to the uterus during the 2ww (2-week period between embryo transfer and pregnancy test). Every lady who has had an embryo transfer wishes to know how her IVF cycle turned out. The 2ww is the longest wait for every woman who has had IVF, lasting an hour for every minute.

Women who are going through the 2ww become acutely aware of even the tiniest alteration in their bodies. I'm feeling warmer than normal; my breasts are tingling; my nipples are hurting; I feel like a muscle in my pelvic region is being strained; I have a peculiar vaginal discharge; I urinate frequently; I'm feeling nauseated - does this suggest I'm pregnant? This is the question that every woman wonders about, whether she admits it or not. This can be exacerbated by a concerned partner who inquires every day, "How are you feeling?" Many ladies are continually searching the internet for information on the 2ww symptoms of women who became pregnant following an embryo transfer. Although this can make the 2ww more intriguing for some women and perhaps help them cope, many women become anxious when they don't see any symptoms. Others begin to wonder if they are pregnant or if they are experiencing any of the above symptoms. Are there any symptoms that can tell you whether or not you're pregnant before you take a pregnancy test?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. While every woman is different, the truth is that your body cannot give you any clues about whether or not you are pregnant during the second trimester. Women who have no symptoms at all may become pregnant, while those who have all of the symptoms may have a negative pregnancy test. The two most significant sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, are in charge of your body throughout the second week. Many of your physiological functions are influenced by these sex hormones. Your body becomes warmer than usual as a result of excess progesterone; your digestive system becomes slow, and you may experience constipation; water collects in your tissues, causing sore breasts and nipples; and you may experience low-back discomfort, cramps, and other symptoms. High oestrogen levels might make you feel nauseated, induce breast pain, and make you smelly. So the symptoms you're having during 2ww are solely caused by high amounts of these hormones, which is why they're so similar to PMS symptoms ( premenstrual syndrome). A positive blood pregnancy test is the only way to know if you're pregnant or not.

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What is the definition of implantation bleeding?

When the embryo buries itself into the uterine lining - when implantation occurs - some women experience some bleeding. Although some women do, the majority do not. So, if you don't see any spotting during the second week, don't assume you're not pregnant. Implantation bleeding is a mysterious phenomena with no scientific explanation. Your embryo is really little, and its implantation does not result in any bleeding! This little bleeding is thought to be caused by hormonal changes that occur around the time an embryo implants. Please do not be alarmed if you detect a few days after your embryo transfer. If the spotting persists, please contact your clinic.

Should I stop taking all of my medications if I'm bleeding before my pregnancy test?

Even if you are bleeding profusely, do not stop taking your medications without consulting your doctor. During pregnancy, many women may experience bleeding. To gather more information, the doctor will need to order a beta HCG blood test. Click here to learn more.

Symptoms of unsuccessful implantation

Changes in the tendency to smell, increased sensitivity of the breasts, and minor stomach cramping are all common side effects following implant surgery. If these don't appear after a few weeks post-IVF, it could be a sign of failure. However, it does not guarantee any positive or negative result.

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