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How to maximise your chances of success in an IVF cycle


Patients are often confused to how many embryos to transfer in an IVF cycle . Obviously, everyone knows that the more the embryos you transfer , the better your chances of getting pregnant in that cycle itself , but like everything else in life, there is a price you pay for transferring more embryos, and you need to understand what the trade off is.

It might appear that a twin pregnancy would be the ideal solution to every infertile couple’s problems – and having twins is often something which infertile couples dream about . You get an instant family , which means you don't need to go back to your IVF doctor for your second baby , and the bonus of a second baby means that your treatment is extremely cost-effective.

However, the reality is that while a twin pregnancy may appear to be a great outcome for the IVF doctor , it is often not great for you , because there is a real risk of premature delivery , and many of these patients will have a premature birth , and the babies will end up in the NICU ( Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ), and will end up with lifelong problems because of the risks associated with pre maturity and low birth weight .

All good clinics all over the world will transfer only a single embryo at a time , so that you have only one baby when you get pregnant in your IVF cycle.

It might appear that the price you pay for transferring only a single embryo is you reduce your chances of getting pregnant , but even that's not true ! While your chance of getting pregnant in that individual cycle does decrease, your cumulative conception rate over two cycles actually increases ! This is because if you transfer one embryo and don't get pregnant in that cycle , you can then transfer your second frozen embryo in the next cycle , so that the cumulative pregnancy rate over two cycles is actually better than transferring two embryos in a single cycle .

This is why you need to find an IVF clinic which does only single blastocyst transfers, which provides you with photos of your blastocysts routinely and proactively, and which has a robust freezing program , so that the survival rate of the frozen blastocysts is 100% when they are thawed.

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