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If not pregnant after IVF when does period start? | What will the period be like after a negative pregnancy test and what to do next?

If not pregnant after IVF when does period start?

The time when menstruation appears depends mainly on the treatment used. 

The period normally begins on the usual and expected day in individuals who have had an embryo transfer in a natural cycle.

We will begin administering hormone medication two or three days after the treatment has been stopped. It is recommended that you see a doctor if it does not occur after two or three days.

It's possible that the first period is shorter and less intense than usual.

What options do I have, following a period or negative pregnancy test after a failed IVF cycle?

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND ALLOW IT TO EXPAND. Allow yourself time to "digest" the situation; everyone has their own pace. Allow your emotions to emerge as they arise, without judgement or expectation of feeling a certain way; allow them to flow and your energy to shift gradually. Take care of yourself and pay attention to your body.

DIRECT YOUR ATTENTION TO YOURSELF. Observe your sensations and emotions, and engage in activities that promote inner calm. Try not to think thoughts like "What could I have done wrong," "If I hadn't done such a thing..." because they are accompanied by guilt and can make you feel uncomfortable.

MAKE A CONNECTION WITH THE CURRENT MOMENT. It is not necessary to make decisions or ask ourselves absolute questions about the future, such as "what if I never become a mother?" after a negative -hCG. On the contrary, now is the moment to focus your emphasis on the present. Reframe your thoughts as follows: "Today, I have potential; I will continue to attempt."

Have faith in yourself. Trust your body, the doctors you've chosen, and the possibilities and opportunities that in vitro fertilization provides.

MAKE YOURSELF READY FOR A NEW WELCOME. Make sure you're prepared for the next transfer. Examine your food habits, physical activity, sleep, mental hygiene, and other factors to see if they need to be improved. They'll make you feel a lot better.

MAKE CHOICES. It's time to make decisions after a few days and with a medical explanation of your condition. Make a plan for your next transfer or action.

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