Monday, March 28, 2022

How you can treat infertility because of sexual dysfunction at home using self-insemination


One of the commonest problems that prevents couples from having a baby is sexual dysfunction .

This includes male issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, as well as female issues such as vaginismus.

These are surprisingly common, but because these are taboo topics , they are not discussed, and even extremely well educated couples don’t know what they are suffering from.

This is especially a major issue with vaginismus , because they don’t know which doctor will be able to help them . Many gynecologists can be surprisingly unkind , because they don’t know how to treat this distressing problem.

Making the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is easy - it's a self diagnosis after all. However, because of the psychological stress this causes , couples are often unwilling to seek treatment for this . For one thing , the man feels very ashamed , and the woman is reluctant to broach the topic because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings . As a result of this mutual conspiracy of silence, the problem festers, and they try to sweep the elephant in the room under the carpet, and they will often not even talk about this to their doctor unless he asks directly ( and most doctors fail to do this in a sensitive fashion, which means patients hide the truth).

The tragedy is that even though they may have completely normal fertility , they are not able to get pregnant . Sexless unconsummated marriages are surprisingly common, but because couples think they are the only ones having these issues , they don’t talk about it, which makes the problem even worse, because they don't know how to seek help and from whom.

Also, because it's such a touchy and sensitive issue, they are understandably reluctant to seek medical help ! 

If you take the time and trouble to do your homework , you will be able to determine what the problem is for yourself. While treating these problems can be surprisingly difficult and complex, because the underlying cause is psychological and not physical , the good news is that if your primary goal is to have a baby , it's possible for you to solve the issue by yourself by bypassing the problem and doing self insemination at home , which is simple , easy and inexpensive.

The even better news is that the pregnancy rates are extremely high , because there is no underlying fertility issue , especially if the wife is young !

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