Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Using K-Y jelly reduces your fertility !

Sometimes  infertile couples inadvertently inflict infertility on themselves , because they don't know any better !
Thus, many infertile couples will use lubricants such as K-Y jelly during sexual intercourse. This is because having baby making sex on demand can be a chore , and can cause the wife pain because of inadequate vaginal  lubrication ( superficial dyspareunia) because she is not sexually aroused during love making.
 The trouble is that K-Y Jelly is spermicidal, but this is not something which patients know. Sadly, most doctors don't seem to know this either.
This means they actually end up reducing  their fertility by using it - and the irony is that they could very well have got pregnant on their own if they hadn't used it !
The secret is to use a sperm-friendly lubricant, and liquid paraffin is cheap and easily available at any chemist's  shop.
The tragedy is that ignorance can cause infertile couples to reduce their own fertility.
This why doing a consultation with an infertility specialist to make sure you're on the right track can make such a big difference !

What to find an infertility specialist who respects your time and intelligence ?

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