Wednesday, August 21, 2019

IVF as a game of chance

IVF patients know that the outcome of an individual IVF cycle is completely unpredictable; and that their chances of getting pregnant increase , the more the number of cycles they do, because the cumulative conception rate progressively goes up.
But it's still a matter of odds, which is why you could think of it as a game of chance.
The good news is that it's not a random game , where you are forced to take your chances with your eyes shut.
There's a lot you can do to maximize your chance of getting pregnant.
Step number one is to do your homework.
Make sure you're well informed and that you understand everything which should be done in an IVF cycle. Learn the difference between the stuff which is in your control; the stuff which is in the doctor's control; and the stuff which no one can control.
This way, no matter what the final outcome is , you're happy that the process itself was done properly, so that you have peace of mind that you didn't leave any stone unturned in your quest for a baby.
It's also very helpful to make sure that you get a second opinion to confirm that you're on the right path.

What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?

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