Friday, August 02, 2019

Not all IVF clinics are the same

Many IVF patients are quite naive and they believe that all IVF doctors are equally good .
This is why they will often select an IVF  clinic based on its advertising or its branding, or because their doctor has referred them to that clinic. But this is very naive !
No matter how posh the ambience may be, what you're really interested in is the skill and the quality of the doctors who are actually going to be treating you ! Is the IVF lab any good ? Are the doctors good at superovulating you ?
These are not easy questions to answer, but the reality is that not all IVF clinics are the same ! Unless you  learn to ask the key tough medical questions, you are not going to be able to differentiate between good clinics and bad clinics, and this will reduce your chances of getting pregnant.
The good news is that what you need to ask for is very simple - it's just a single question !
Do you provide photographs of embryos routinely to your patients?
If the clinic does so , this means you know you're in safe hands !

What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?
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