Friday, August 23, 2019

Is your doctor a good IVF doctor?

The problem is that it's very hard for patients to answer this question because all doctors look pretty much the same.
They all seem to have the same fancy degrees; posh clinics; and lots of patients.
And because they advertise so heavily, it's very hard for patients to differentiate one from the other. Since it's difficult for patients to judge technical competence, they are forced to rely on the doctor's bedside manner. The problem is that the senior doctor is in " sell mode " during the first visit, and is doing his best to get you to sign up.
The trouble is that you aren't going to see the same doctor again when you actually start your treatment ! This will get delegated to juniors and assistants, most of whom are clueless and inexperienced.
This is why you need to ask just one simple question before you start your IVF cycle !
"Do you provide photos of the embryos to all your patients routinely?"
And if a clinic doesn't do that, that means something's wrong ! After all, the only thing an IVF clinic can do is make embryos , and good clinic provide photos routinely which patients can see for themselves , so that they know that they have received good quality treatment !

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