Sunday, November 18, 2018

Repeated IVF failure

Repeated IVF failure can be very frustrating for both doctors and patients.
After a failed IVF cycle, you find yourself at a crossroad , because you're not sure what do next.
Should you change your doctor ? change your treatment ? get a second opinion ?
The first step is to analyze the IVF cycle carefully, and if everything went well , then you just need to be patient and repeat the cycle again , until it works.
When we say, "everything went well," this means you need to objectively check the quality of the embryos , by examining the photos of your blastocysts; the endometrial thickness and texture; and whether the  transfer was technically easy. If all these were fine, this means there's no need to make any changes at all.
Sometimes patients want to change something – anything ! – out of desperation. They believe that if everything's fine but the cycle didn't work, then we need to explore alternative options, such as doing surrogacy, or using donor eggs or donor embryos.
However, this is not logical at all !
Sometimes all you need to do is get over your heartbreak, give yourself time to recover, and then start another cycle again.
Just because your cycle has failed two or three times doesn't mean that it will keep on failing !
It’s important that you don’t start getting desperate and doing treatment which is needlessly expensive and makes no rational sense at all !
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