Saturday, November 24, 2018

Infertile couples are not patients !

Infertile couples should stop thinking of themselves as being patients. 

The reality is that they're really not sick. For one thing, not having a baby is the same as being childless , and this is a description of a social condition , rather than a medical label !

Thus, there are some fertile couples who don't want to have a baby . 
They are child-free , and are not infertile !

Yes, infertility is a medically treatable problem , because it is a result of a medical disease ( for example, a low sperm count or blocked tubes). However, this doesn't mean that the woman, who's taking IVF treatment is a patient. She's not sick, and just happens to be going to a doctor for help with having a baby.

Please remember that all we're doing with a lot of our assisted reproductive technology ( ART) is helping nature and giving it some assistance , so that we can do in the lab what is not happening naturally in the bedroom. 
After all , ART is assisted reproductive technology - not artificial reproductive technology. 

We're not doing anything artificial or creating synthetic eggs or sperms or embryos in the lab ! This is why infertile couples should treat themselves as being normal people who just need some assistance to get the baby making process kick-started !

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