Monday, November 12, 2018

Corporate chains versus boutique clinics for IVF treatment

It's great to see that so many corporate chains of IVF clinics have come up all across India.
The advantage is that now patients have access to IVF treatment even in small towns, and they don't need to travel to large cities to get IVF treatment.
This makes it much more convenient for them, and hopefully a little more affordable as well.
However, the problem is that the major motive behind these corporate chains is to maximize their profits, rather than to do what's in the patient's best interests.
This often means that they use an assembly line procedure, and their doctors are forced to meet targets and do  a certain number of IVF cycles every month, to get paid their bonuses.
As a result of this, their focus is on trying to get as many patients to do IVF as possible.
This is why they advertise so aggressively, and buy so many billboards . This is also the reason they offer so many free medical camps for infertile couples – to try to increase their throughput and do more IVF cycles.
Yes, this is in their best interest, but is not in the patient's best interest, so you need to be careful ! As the saying goes – Let the buyer beware !

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