Saturday, January 27, 2018

Why do patients allow IVF clinics to get away poor medical care ?

IVF treatment is expensive, and since it is a planned treatment, patients have the luxury of being able to choose the best clinic, to maximise their chances of getting pregnant.

A patient sent me an email after she had failed 2 IVF cycles at the "best IVF clinic" in Chennai, and when I asked her for more details about her treatment, this was her answer.

I apologize as I would not be able send the printed treatment summary as this clinic does not share any treatment summary with the patients nor the picture of the embryos.

It's high time patients learned to be more assertive, and to demand photos of their embryos from IVF doctors.

Every good IVF clinic provides embryo photos routinely, to document they have provided high quality care to their patients.

I can understand why IVF clinics may not want to share information - after all, if they are not able to create good quality embryos, they are naturally reluctant to let the patient know this, so they can blame "poor endometrial receptivity"  for the "failed implantation".

What I cannot understand is why educated patients allow doctors to get away with this ! After all, patients have a legal right to their medical records ?

Why would they want to waste their hard-earned money going to poor quality clinics ?

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