Sunday, January 07, 2018

How do I boost up my low sperm count ?

How do I boost up my low sperm count ? This is one of the commonest questions I am asked.

I first have to request the patient to send me their semen analysis report. Lots of labs do a very poor job of reporting a semen analysis - and many doctors still don't know that a count of more than 15 million per ml is considered to be quite normal !

They label a man whose sperm count is 30 million per ml as being infertile, and start "treating" him for his low sperm count ! No wonder so many of them get pregnant after the " treatment"  - they never needed this in the first place !

Many men do have a low sperm count, and then I need to educate them about what we can do to help them.

I tell them to read more about the problem of a low sperm count ( oligoasthenospermia)

However, I remind them not to jump to conclusions based on just one report.
I tell them to get it re-checked again - from a reliable lab !

If it is persistently low, I remind them that there is no reliable way of improving sperm count or motility with medicines or surgery. False hope can be cruel, but wasting time and money doesn't help !  If they want to try alternative therapy, such as Unani medicine or ayurvedic potions ,

However, if it is persistently low, then often their best option is ICSI (

The good news is that we can always fertilise eggs in the IVF lab using ICSI, no matter how poor the sperm count is, because we need only 1 motile sperm to fertilise 1 egg when doing ICSI !

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