Sunday, January 21, 2018

Why are couples so poorly informed about fertility ?

I just got this email .

I recently got married 2 months back on 26th November 2017 and we had intercourse and was eagerly waiting for a happy news as I’m 30 yrs and my wife is 25yrs old. Unfortunately she got her periods on time on 17th Jan and we consulted gynecologist on 18th. Doctor suggested to do semen analysis without having contact for 3 days.

It's disappointing that even well educated people have such a poor understanding how inefficient human reproduction can be. It takes time to make a baby, and it's sad to see them panicking needlessly when they don't get pregnant in a few months

What's even worse is that instead of educating them about the facts of life, their doctor is taking them for a ride by asking them to test their fertility !

Unnecessary tests lead to unnecessary expenses and useless "treatment" !

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