Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why an IVF patient's personal preferences are so important

Most patients ask me - Doctor , what are my chances of getting pregnant in a IVF cycle?

This is one of those questions which is impossible to answer accurately, because we can't predict what an individual's response is going to be. All we can do is give them our clinic success rate - an average figure which applies to groups of patients.

However, my answer to this question is another question . I ask them - How will this number change your decision about whether or not to go ahead with IVF ?  That's what you need to think about !

There will be some patients who will say - Doctor, even if my chance is more than 1% I'm happy to go ahead ! I know that if I don't do IVF my chances are zero, and I want peace of mind that I gave it my best shot, and didn't leave any stone unturned, so that I have no regrets when I am 45 ! There will be other patients who'll say - If my chances are less than 50% , I don't want to do IVF, because I don't want to subject myself to all those shots and injections and scans, and I don't want to spend all that money.

Each patient will come up with a different answer - one which feels right for them. A doctor cannot read the patient's mind, and this is why listening to the patient's personal preferences is so important in IVF. After all, IVF is elective treatment, which is done to keep the patient happy. This is a uniquely personal perspective , and only the patient can decide what's right for them - not the doctor.

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