Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Another IVF horror story

A patient sent this email

I'm 31 years old. I just finished my ivf cycle I am in 2ww, my clinic hurt me alot, during my cycle monitoring I ask my Dr to tell me how many eggs do I have and more  questions  they didn't answer me,even my Dr told me my chance is 80% in this cycle and he give me chance if I want I can do the egg sharing. he said I am so healthy and.... I accepted. but after egg collection they said I just have 10 eggs and poor quality eggs. Just 2 fertilize, I cried 2 days and they just call me every day about the money. they said provide a money order  for clinic regarding the egg sharing. They called  me 3 times a day. My husband prapared  the money order and gave it to them. but to much pressure was on me. They transferred 1 egg for me, again I asked to many questions but no answer. I believe they just pretend they transfer something . I am so down now. no hope .what should I do? Do I have any changes in future? Is there any thing wrong with my clinic? Does my Dr known  I didn't have enough eggs before egg collection? And could they transfer some fake because they just want to get the money?

This refusal to share information with patients seems to have become the norm for IVF treatment today, and if doctors treat patients so badly, it's hardly surprising that patients don't trust doctors anymore !

The purpose of these IVF horror stories is not to scare patients, but to educate them , so they can proactively find a good IVF doctor for their own treatment.  Patients need to remember that Knowledge is Power, and if they do their homework, their chances of finding themselves in a bad IVF clinic will go down considerably. Blaming the doctor later on doesn't help anyone, and this resentment and bitterness just makes a bad situation worse, because patients the don't trust any doctor, after they have burned their fingers once.

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