Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The doubts, worries and anxieties which plague infertile couples

A patient just send me this email.

My husband ejaculated accidentally through masturbation. My egg retrieval is scheduled for tomorrow. I am very upset and angry. Has he lost all his good sperm ? The doctor had told us to abstain for 3 days before the egg collection ? Will we be able get good embryos? Or is my cycle doomed because of his stupidity ?

For a doctor, this might seem to be a silly query, but the fact remains that infertile couples have thousands of doubts, and they are never sure of what the truth is. How does one check the "fertile time" ? Is it better to have sex daily ? or very alternate day ? Does the sexual position matter ? Should you worry if the semen all leaks out ? Is there any need to lie down with your legs up in the air after sex ?

The web is full of unreliable websites and bulletin boards which provide inaccurate information , and perpetuate myths and misconceptions . Infertile woman are hungry for information, and it's great that  the net makes it instantly available and easily accessible to them. However, many of them are not sophisticated enough to separate fact from fiction , and get misled by all kinds of rubbish.

A good doctor will do his best to dispel these doubts, but this can be a huge challenge, because patients are often not willing to discuss these openly with their doctor. The best way of doing this is to answer FAQs on the clinic's website, because patients can trust the information they get directly from the doctor !

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