Friday, December 18, 2015

The well organized IVF patient

It's always intrigues me why some patients are so happy with certain doctors, whereas other patients badmouth the same doctors. Maye it's not the doctor who's the problem- maybe it's the patient ?

Some of it is related to the chemistry between the doctor and the patient, and not every doctor is going to be right for every patient. However, a far more important variable is how well organized the patient is.

A well organized patient has taken the time and trouble to prepare a chronological history; organize the medical records; and prepare a one-page summary . He has done his homework , so he can make the best use of the doctor's limited time. We all know that the better the quality of the questions the patient asks, the better the quality of the doctor's answers. Smart patients understand this and will spend energy or preparing themselves for the doctor's consultation.

Doctors treat these patients with respect, which is why these patients often get much better medical care; and are usually happy with their doctors, because they are treated as intelligent adults. Of course, if you want your doctor to respect you, you do need to take a certain amount of effort. You cannot just turn up and the clinic and expect the doctor to treat you like a VIP if you don't bother to prepare for the appointment. Doctors are happy to teach their patients, but they don't want to spoon feed you !

While you cannot always pick and choose how good your doctor is, you  can always make sure that you've done your homework, so you can make the most of your doctor's expertise. This will help you to create a win-win interaction, so you are happy with your doctor - and he is happy with you ! This is something every patient needs to do.

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