Tuesday, September 01, 2015

What makes Malpani Infertility Clinic special - a first person account from a prospective parent

I am Yogesh Joshi, Recently  wife Sneha and I had treatment at your clinic. Our treatment is now over & we are in the phase of 2 weeks waiting period.In the mean time we just wanted to share some of our thoughts with you.

I could remember that difficult day (On my wife's 3rd day of cycle) when we had our first ultrasound scan at your clinic and found the antral follicle count was just 4 with one cyst. It was very difficult for both of us to digest this fact considering my wife's young age (She is just 28 yrs old). Today I don't have proper words to describe our satisfaction we got with the treatment received in your clinic. On 28th August, we transferred 3 Grade A embryos to my wife and frozen  (!!!!!) 3 Grade A embryos. As explained by you many times, IVF treatment contains many steps/ hurdles and we need to clear all to get success. The journey from 4 follicle count to 6 Grade A embryos was very difficult. But I must say that this awesome result could not be achieved unless we had the perfect protocol designed by you, skillful egg retrieval / embryo transfer done by Dr. Anjali and Embryo work performed by Dr. Sai.

We understand that final outcome of IVF treatment is always in God's hand. But today we are having complete satisfaction that we got best possible treatment in your clinic.

Moreover, in this difficult journey from 4 follicle count to 6 Grade A embryos, we always remembered your sentence. " The final proof of the pudding is in the eating - and your response to superovulation is the best way of assessing your ovarian reserve. If you grow eggs well, then you should not worry about your "numbers" !

We must say that in addition to an awesome doctor, you are also a great writer. Your articles are not only informative but also supports many patients like us emotionally.

Today there are many doctors in India who are offering IVF treatment, unfortunately, we feel that many of them have just set up a business. Just to share with you, one of my friend's wife got so serious after egg retrieval procedure that they had to postpone their embryo transfer. One another friend's IVF treatment got postponed because doctor found some bacterial infection in his sperms (Actually it can be avoided by sperm wash).

Lastly, by looking at this scenario, we just want to say, that you are the best doctor / writer & in addition to this a very nice human being. You have created the complete setup of clinic very nicely including the staff. We will always wish for your good health & long life.
Thank you very much for everything.

With warm regards,
Sneha and Yogesh Joshi

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