Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Infertility Treatment Plan: One Step at a Time

A lot of what I do on an everyday basis is to plan the next step in the treatment of my patients who are undergoing infertility treatment at our clinic. The Internet has opened up an ocean  of information for those who want to find out more about infertility – causes,  treatment options, costs and the different IVF clinics.

This is why we have some very well-informed patients coming into our clinic. They are well read and know what the treatment entails and will ask some very relevant and intelligent questions. They know from the outset, exactly what they want to do & also when they want to do it; but many of these decisive patients also come to a crossroads in their fertility treatment.

In a number of these cases, the first line of treatment has been unsuccessful and they are now ready to explore the other options. At this point, what, when & how exactly to proceed emerge as the most important questions which we have to answer together.

Is it Time to Take the Next Step?

Some simple treatments such as Clomid and follicular tracking are pretty low risk as well as low cost and they can be done with very minimal inconvenience & discomfort. Luckily, it’s all that’s needed for some patients. However, there are patients who don’t get pregnant even after multiple attempts with these milder therapies. In these patients the chances of getting all the results we want, diminish with each passing month. Though there isn’t really any specific number, studies have indicated that after using these types of mild treatments for more than 3 months, the chances of their working drops considerably.

What is the Next Step?

For example, patients with unexplained infertility can pursue one of 2 options:

Gonadotropins ( HMG/FSH, daily injectable medications) with IUI
IVF- In vitro fertilization

It’s important that patients make the right choice (based on their preferences and situation). And so, I give them an estimate of the pregnancy rates, with the injections & insemination (this is based on different studies as well as our own experience) and In vitro fertilization (again based on our clinic’s success rates). Typically, IVF success rates are much better; however, the treatment is also more expensive and intense.

 Every Single Patient is Unique

For me, my work satisfaction and joy is derived from working very closely with every couple or individual patient to determine which option is best for them. After decades of having worked in this field, I still find that when it comes to IVF, every patient has her unique situation and that’s what lends a very unique perspective to beating infertility. It’s my job to help my patient decide what the best course of action is and to help her find her path to success!

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