Friday, September 04, 2015

Having problems having your second baby ?

A lot of couples put off having a baby as they have career and financial concerns in mind.  To a great degree this has pushed the “having a baby” phase a little further down the list of priorities that many couples make. And then there are some couples who have their first baby at the right time and defer having the second one. Either that or they feel that they want only one child and then have a change of heart later and start trying again.

But in many instances, they find there is a surprise in store for them. No matter how well they time baby making sex, they just can’t seem to get pregnant. While some just give up hope, there are some who approach infertility specialists to find out what the problem could be. When the tests show that they have fertility issues, it completely throws them off-balance.

And it’s easy to understand why. They already have one child , and they wonder where and how this infertility issue surfaced out of nowhere ! They even wonder if it’s possible for a proven fertile couple to suddenly become infertile, and they may even doubt their doctor. However, this is a common problem, and is referred to as secondary infertility .

With age, there is a decline in the number as well as quality of eggs that a woman has. In addition to this, there is an increase in the miscarriage rate (which is also attributed to egg quality). Apart from this, just because you have had one baby doesn’t make you immune to diseases which cause infertility, such as STDs, which can cause fallopian tubes to get damaged; or endometriosis.

Tests and Treatment

When a couple with secondary infertility comes to our clinic, the workup includes:

An HSG (hysterosalpingogram)- this is an evaluation of the uterine cavity & fallopian tubes
Semen analysis
Hormone testing- this includes an ovarian reserve evaluation

Once a thorough assessment and evaluation has been conducted, we create an individualized treatment plan which addresses the patient’s underlying diagnosis.
In many cases, we will also combine these particular treatment cycles with an IUI (intrauterine insemination). This is a simple and quick procedure performed at our clinic. In the case of women whose only condition is the lack of ovulation, we may recommend timed intercourse in place of IUI.

About IVF

If this process too doesn’t bear results, we will then suggest IVF to the patient. Typically an IVF cycle involves:

Daily injectable medications
Ultrasound monitoring & blood hormone levels
Egg retrieval
The eggs are fertilized with sperm, and allowed to grow in our IVF lab
After 5 days, we will choose the best embryos and transfer them into the uterine cavity

Today, IVF is proving to be an excellent option to have a baby, in case other infertility treatments have been unsuccessful. This treatment has one of the highest success rates; it’s also fast emerging as the smart first-line treatment for infertile women above 35 years. It’s the most efficient treatment and also results in the shortest time to a pregnancy.

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