Monday, August 24, 2015

How to ask for a second opinion

Many IVF patients want to get a second opinion, but don’t do so . Some are worried that their doctor will get offended if they ask for a second opinion , and the one thing patients don’t  want to do is to upset their doctor. This is why even though they feel they want some more information to make sure that they are on the right track , they are often scared to ask for a second opinion behind their doctor’s back.  Others don’t don't know how to get a second opinion . Whom should I contact ? How do I know he is reliable ?  Will I be able to trust him ?  How can I believe someone whom I have never met ? Finally, some are worried that if they get a second opinion and it's different from the first , then they will get confused , and won't know what to do . This is why they prefer to believe that it's better to trust your own doctor, rather than try to second-guess him . After all, if you have a good doctor, then why do you need to bother to get a second opinion ?

However, the truth is that two heads are often better than one, and the good news is that it’s become much easier to get a second opinion online. This is an option you should explore because often the second opinion is better than the one your first doctor gives you.

For one, it's objective and unemotional . Since it’s not face to face, the specialist providing a second opinion can be dispassionate . He can take an overall holistic perspective , and often he has no axe to grind, because he is not your primary treating doctor.

Also, the fact that your current doctor has ordered your basic tests and provided you with an opinion means that the doctor who is providing you with a second opinion can improve it by providing you with additional options, you may not have been aware of.

If a second opinion confirms that you're on the right track , your confidence in your own doctor will actually increase . If it provides you with a different perspective , it will help you ask your doctor more intelligent questions , so you are certain that  you're getting the best possible treatment . If there is a major difference , you need to do some more homework and research before making a final decision.

It’s not always that the second opinion will be better than the first . It’s just that exploring a different perspective will help you to make sure that you have covered all your bases . This is extremely important when you're dealing with an expensive treatment like IVF , where the outcome is always uncertain .

Getting a second opinion is a low cost/ zero cost option, and you have practically nothing to lose by exploring it. If nothing else , the process of getting a second opinion will force you to organise your own medical records , and get your act together . This will help you become a better patient , and increase your odds of success.

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