Monday, August 03, 2015

Are you unhappy with your IVF doctor ?

Most IVF patients don’t know what to expect when they start their first IVF cycle . They are quite naïve and don’t know how to select the best IVF clinic. They believe that all clinics are the same, and go to the one which is the nearest; or the one which is least expensive; or the one their doctor refers them to. They know that IVF can be complex and expensive, but are willing to go through all that pain because they are so keen on having a baby.

However , they find that the quality of care which they receive leaves a lot to be desired, even though they are spending so much money. They often don’t get the meet the senior doctor; or they have to wait for hours in order to do so .  They usually have to talk to an assistant or a nurse, most of whom are quite clueless about what is happening.  There is often a new doctor on duty every time they go to the clinic, which means they have to repeat their history each time. They find it hard to complain, even though they are unhappy, because there is no one who seems to be in charge !

Many clinics will batch their patients together ( because they have to depend upon an IVF specialist or embryologist who comes out of town), which means that often groups of 20 or 30 patients are being treated at the same time . This becomes an assembly line practice , rather than their getting individualised treatment. All the staff seems to be in a rush , because there are so many pickups and transfers being done in a day . The doctor has only about 10-15 minutes to complete a procedure, so he never has any time to sit down and talk to the patient. Lots of money is taken under the table, for “extra” procedures which the doctor suggests at the last minute, claiming that they will improve success rates. They often have to shuttle from a particular lab to a particular chemist  in order to do blood tests and to buy medicines; and then have to wait until they get the results and find out what they are supposed to do tomorrow. There is no clarity and no treatment plan, and everything seems to be done on an ad-hoc basis.

There is very little documentation , and no transparency as to what's going on – for example, how mahy follicles are growing on the scans; how many eggs were collected ; how many embryos are being transferred ; or what their quality is. They don’t get a treatment summary or photographs of their embryos. which often means that the entire patient experience is very frustrating .

While patients can accept the fact that IVF cycles fail because the outcome of a biological process is not in any doctor’s hands , they're often very disappointed with the poor quality of personal attention and care which they have been given.

If you are unhappy with the quality of care you received at your IVF clinic, we are happy to offer you a far better solution at Malpani Infertility Clinic . We are boutique full-service IVF clinic which offers all services under one roof,  which means you never need to go anywhere else . We have only two doctors – Dr Anjali and me, and we take care of all our patients ourselves. We have a full-time experienced embryologist, Dr Sai, who works full-time in our IVF lab . We treat patients throughout the year , so we offer you an individualized treatment protocol, tailored to your cycle. Care is personalised and one-on-one . We are happy to answer all your questions , and we take the time needed to explain to you exactly what’s happening during your cycle. I am just an email away, and answer all my emails myself within 24 hours.

Our documentation is excellent , so you have peace of mind that you have receives high quality care . If you are frustrated about the care you're getting at your IVF clinic, you might want to consider coming to us . It’s true that we are more expensive , but given the high quality of care which we provide , and our high pregnancy rates , it is actually extremely cost-effective to come to us for your IVF treatment !

Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you properly !

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