Friday, June 05, 2015

What IVF Patients Shouldn’t Be Doing

Some of the commonest questions that are in patient’s minds are- What should I look for when selecting an IVF doctor? What should I be monitoring when I’m doing my IVF cycle to confirm everything is on track? How can I be sure that my IVF doctor is doing all the right stuff? These are difficult questions – after all, patients have no interest in becoming IVF specialists or in dissecting the nitty-gritty’s of an IVF cycle. The good news is that there's no need to do so!

Rather than create a list of things-to-do, it's sometimes far more important to create a “do-not-do” list.  This is based on the "inversion principle", made famous by Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's partner and the world-renowned investor. If you make sure you don’t make these common mistakes, you will significantly improve your chances of IVF success!

Common Errors

These errors are surprisingly common, and if you learn to avoid these, your chances of finding the best IVF doctor and getting pregnant in your IVF cycle will dramatically increase. Most of these are plain common sense, but we sometimes forget them- Common sense really isn’t that common now, is it? So, what are the stupid things that IVF patients do which will almost always ensure failure?

•    Not Conducting Research About IVF- Most patients don't bother to do any homework at all, either before going to the doctor, or even while the cycle is going on. They only wake up after the cycle fails, by which time it's too late. Unless you actually spend a certain amount of time trying to figure out what’s involved in a IVF cycle, it’s going to be difficult for you to make informed decisions. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to do this. There are scores of online resources that offer information at different levels of sophistication. Any patient who starts an IVF cycle without doing their homework is actually being very irresponsible

•    Blindly Following Recommendations About Which IVF Doctor to Go To- Just because your GP has referred you  to a particular  doctor or  because a relative or  friend who got pregnant at that clinic tells  you  to go there, is not an indication that he’s the best doctor  for  you. It’s important that you apply your own mind.  It’s very simple- you may not be able to sync with the kind of doctor that someone else likes. All infertile couples are different and it’s important that you find a doctor who’s right  for you

•    Letting the Doctor take the Call- In my opinion, this is one of the commonest mistakes. A good doctor will do whatever needs to be done, but you should keep in mind that doctors aren’t superhuman; there are times when they too commit mistakes. When you are proactive and take an active interest in your own treatment, its keeps you in control of the situation. It’s good for your doctor as well; he’s much more likely to respect you. A well-informed patient will almost always end up getting VIP care.

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