Tuesday, June 23, 2015

IVF success story for patient from Canada

We got married in August 25, 1999 and first three years passed without worrying about infertility issues. In 2003, we started visiting clinics mainly in US. We started at Mayo Clinic in Rochester which is one of the best hospitals in USA. After a many examinations of me and my husband, our doctor suggested to do four IUIs before even considering IVF. We did two sets of IUIs but we were not happy of what we experienced at the clinic. Junior employees of hospital were performing the IUIs instead of the doctor himself. Because my cervix was tight, the person doing procedure could not successfully transfer the sperm to uterus. He used a piece of metal many times to open the cervix and it was painful. In addition, there was lack of privacy in the room. Two male and one female trainees were there watching the whole episode without my consent. Unprofessional!!! Both IUIs were not successful.

We moved to Minneapolis and we did two more IUIs without success.

In 2005 my husband and I moved to Canada and we started contacting infertility clinics there. Wherever we went, we felt the same, helpless! All doctors seem that they do not care for you but for your pocket. We did four more IUIs in Canada without conception. 

In 2009, my cousin and her husband went to India and met with Dr. Malpani. She got pregnant of twin babies after her second cycle of IVF. We asked questions about the doctor and she said many good things about Dr. Malpani and gave us his website. We got a lot of information and knowledge from his website. We also asked some extra question to the doctor himself. All our concerns and questions were answered within hours.

Finally we met with the Dr. Malpani and his team in July 2010. My first reaction was “this is the place I want to be”.
Both Dr.Aniruddha and Dr.Anjali Malpani are highly professional and supportive to their clients. Their staff has been so kind and helpful.

After taking some pills I got my first IVF. It did not work this time.  My husband had only 15 days of leave from work so we decided to go home this time and come back and spend more time in future. It took us almost four years to come back to India for some personal reasons. But we knew that we will not go to any other doctor but Dr. Malpani

Finally we met with Dr. Malpani in August 22, 2014. After treatment for two weeks, he transferred two embryos on September 13, 2014. Wow, I conceived twin babies in my first cycle. After 37 weeks, I gave birth for two baby boys on May 17, 2015. Both babies are in perfect healthy.

We wish them all the best in their endeavour to help infertile couples become proud parents.

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