Tuesday, May 05, 2015

IVF success story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

Here's a patient's success story - in his own words  !

We would like to share our happiness and joy of getting pregnancy after marriage of about 11 years.
We both have shown to so many Gynecologist Doctors in India during this year but not able to get success
One fine day my friend told me about Dr. Malpani Sir about IVF, first we couple not sure about IVF treatment and we left all on nature
But again after so much discussion within self, I wrote an email to Malpani sir about our problem, we were very impress to get reply from Malpani sir within 12 hrs of email, there was  something different in that email and very clear true reply on infertility issue, which give us a very confident to Malpani sir,
Then after that we do so many email conversation and after each email our confident was getting high.
Then finally we book an appointment with Malpani sir and he give time to meet at 3 PM in his clinic,
We reached at clinic a hour before , while visiting his clinic we internally feel  very comfort. Its not like other clinic where patient treated like a vegetable market, here the staff is very co operative, supportive and joy full, 
We were bit nervous before meeting with Dr Malpani, when first time we meet with Malpani sir and discuss the problem and the way he advise and treated was  very interesting, after that we feel that Dr. Malpani is best doctor in India for the couple who do not have baby and willing to have baby,
Dr. Malpani  and Anjali madam's professional experience and attitude is really at per highest and best in IVF and finally by bless of God and Dr Malpani sir, now wife is pregnant in first attempt of IVF.
We would like to request to all couple who do not have baby due to infertility issue shall visit to Dr. Malpani without wasting of time to go here there and other doctors, also is wasting of money to show so many doctor and clinic.
At Malpani clinic all world class facility and equipment is available and more things is that the behavior and attitude of both Malpani and Anjali madam is very very good,
Still we are getting advise from Dr Malpani sir as we used to send ultrasound scan report to see the progress of baby.
Finally we would say that in real Dr Malpani is helping hand in nature creation.

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