Thursday, May 14, 2015

An ongoing IVF success story- the birth of a star !

My Nebula (Birth of a star)

Hitting the 12-week mark with a perfect ultrasound was the ideal ending to my barren phase. I’m happy  to officially be in the Bud phase of my pregnancy and to celebrate we shared the news with extended  family and close friends.

First, the ultrasound. My favorite tech was on call- so that was a brilliant start. It was a full bladder and abdominal ultrasound which was another plus. Warm jelly on tummy and off we go. Baby was asleep  initially but we spotted the heartbeat and the umbilical cord right away. Baby got woken up and danced,
waved, sucked the thumb and did small somersaults in there. I teared up, overwhelmed and held DH’s  hand throughout.  She answered all our questions patiently even DH’s ominous ones like can the umbilical cord wrap around the baby neck in the womb?… Eesh!

Then, the Doctor’s consultation. He told us that with a clear Panorama (NIPT) test and clear nuchal
translucency test- the baby looked very healthy- low risk for chromosomal or cardiac issues. At this point he saw no risk in our pregnancy. If anything happens after this it would be more of a uterine issue but according to him, we looked set to have a healthy child in November. And that was reassuring.

So- we gave our immediate family the go ahead to share our ‘news’. And as expected, happiness
multiplies when shared. I think I officially moved from the cautiously optimistic to the happy phase. I am delighted with my little bud- I eat healthy food and am focused on omega 3, calcium and protein- the nutrients that needs a bit more attention as I am vegetarian. I eat frequent small meals so that I don’t get as much constipation and heart burn. I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. I do some yoga and moderate cardio. I read good things, rest adequately, paint and stay happy. I put my hands on my belly  for 10 minutes before sleeping and after waking and connect with my plum.

I know I missed a large part of an easy first trimester (sans nausea) being worried. I hope to make up for it over the next six months and enjoy this amazing victory and journey to motherhood.

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