Monday, May 11, 2015

How IVF doctors cheat IVF patients

I received this email from a patient.

I have done my IVF procedure in April' 2015. The details are here in below :

LMP: 03/04/15
My Age: 34
Dt. Of egg collection: 15/04/15
Dt. Of embryo transfer: 17/04/15
(day 2)
Diagnosis: low ovarian reserve. + male factor
Procedure: ICSI - ET done using Antagonist Protocols
Endometrium: 10.2 mm on the of HCG
Oocytes retrieved: 1
Count 15 millions
Mortality: 35%
4 - 6 cells
First hcg beta test: 02/05/15
Value: 2
Second hcg beta test: 07/05/15
Value: 54 (after 2 hcg injection taken)
Third hcg beta test: 08/05/15
Value: 36
Ultrasound: 08/05/15
No sac seen but endometrium 20mm and effect shown good as per my doctor 's opinion

Hence,  she call me for next ultrasound on 12/05/15

Now I seek your guidance that what may be the result as per your opinion and what are the chances for positive result

Kindly reply and thanks



This doctor is a cheat who is taking her patients for a ride. Her behaviour is unpardonable and cannot be forgiven

However, what disappoints me even more is the fact that patients allow themselves to be fooled. I know patients are vulnerable and want to trust their doctors, but they cannot afford to allow themselves to be cheated like this. She is obviously an intelligent patient, who should know better.

This was my reply

Your doctor is making a fool out of you. The negative beta HCG test on 2 May confirmed that the IVF cycle had failed and that you were not pregnant

She has fooled you by getting a positive HCG test after giving you a HCG injection !

Even if you give your husband a HCG injection, his HCG blood test will also come back as positive

Please find a better doctor !

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