Saturday, May 23, 2015

I cannot afford IVF treatment

This is quite a common problem in India , where patients are poor and infertile couples find out that IVF treatment is too expensive for them to be able afford.  They then end up doing multiple cycles of the wrong treatment ( such as IUI), just because it is less expensive. Patients need to remember that just because they can’t afford IVF doesn’t mean that they should do the wrong treatment. In fact, this just makes a bad situation worse , because it causes a lot of needless frustration , and they end up throwing away their money, a little at a time, without ever reaching their goal. In fact, specially for poor patients who need to be far more careful about spending their money , it’s far more sensible for them to pool their resources and do one single IVF treatment cycle properly at a good clinic , to maximize their chances of success. There's no point in doing multiple IUI cycles just because they can afford to IUI and can’t afford to do IVF. If they can't afford to do IVF, then so be it. We often can’t afford to do lots of the things we want to do , and that’s the harsh reality of life .

Clever patients can use innovative means of helping to reduce their IVF cost - for example, young patient s can offer to donate their eggs in order to reduce the cost of their IVF treatment, using egg sharing programs, which help infertile couples to share eggs and costs.

However, whether or not you can actually afford to do the IVF cycle is not the issue. Just because you can’t afford the right treatment doesn’t mean you should do the wrong treatment , and the right treatment remains the same , irrespective of your financial ability to pay.  It can be a heart breaking situation for a patient  who knows she can get pregnant if she does IVF , but she cannot afford the financial risk this entails. You can imagine how sad she feels.

IVF doctors would love to be able to help these patients to have a baby , but someone needs to pay the cost , and it’s hard for doctors to pay out of their pockets in order to get their patients pregnant.  After all, if clinics don’t make a profit , they are not going to be able to continue to be able to do IVF treatment for any patient.

Unfortunately , because these patients are poor and can’t afford the right treatment , they get cheated by unscrupulous doctors, who take advantage of the gullibility and take them for a ride. They end up wasting a lot of their precious time and energy on doing ineffective treatments, and this adds to their frustration, unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Even worse this kind of behaviour ends up giving all infertility doctors a bad reputation.

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