Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Which Doctor Should I Choose for My IVF Treatment?

The patient-doctor connect is a special one and this is especially true when it comes to a patient and her IVF doctor. The issue of fertility is private, intimate and sensitive and when a patient is choosing a doctor, they want to be sure that he is competent enough to provide them with the right advice and treatment. But that is not the only aspect you should be looking at.

As an IVF patient, you have to be sure that your doctor has the necessary credentials and experience to provide you the best possible treatment. But you also want to be sure that the doctor you decide to consult will understand you and your specific needs. Unfortunately, this is not something you will be able to ascertain via a referral through someone.

The Right Vibes

You may find that a doctor who synced perfectly with your friend, who underwent treatment at the same clinic, isn’t really sending the positive vibes you expect. IVF treatment can sometimes be a lengthy one; and you want a doctor who will be able to communicate well with you. This is something you will be able to figure out only during your first consultation with him.

Respect Matters

Respect is another aspect you should be looking at. Every IVF patient has some fears, some well founded,  and some not But if you find the doctor being dismissive when you voice your concerns or if he dissuades you from asking too many questions- these are definitely red flags for you. It’s important that your doctor treat you with respect and not be judgmental when you tell him something.

Being Well Informed

As a matter of fact, a good IVF doctor will go out of his way to ensure that his patient is educated in a detailed manner about the process. This helps the patient make more better decisions and not just go along with the current, not knowing where it is taking her. It’s also important for a patient to understand that when it comes to infertility treatments, there are many variables. The differences that make patients unique end up influencing the probability of the success of the treatment. And so, if a doctor is promising you the moon-beware.

Comprehensive Services

The factors that you should be taking into consideration while choosing a doctor are:

•    The clinic you choose should be able to provide all the necessary services under a single roof
•    Your IVF doctor should be a full-time IVF specialist , and should not be doing anything else . IVF is too complicated to be handled by a "jack of all trades" !
•    There should be a full-time embryologist at the clinic
•    They should have their in-house IVF lab , and should not be outsourcing this
   The clinic should routinely freeze embryos
The clinic should not transfer too many embryos to artificially inflate their pregnancy rates
•    The doctor should provide photos of the embryos- only a clinic that is confident about its medical skills will be proactive with  providing these photos

Other Factors

Check how the ambience of the clinic is and whether the staff is friendly and cooperative. Even more importantly, judge how the doctor’s bedside manner is. Keep in mind that you will be spending a considerable amount of time, money and effort on your IVF treatment; so make your choice wisely and then decide whether the doctor you have consulted is the right one for you.

Infertility treatment can be a frustrating and quite an emotionally challenging experience; and you want to be sure that the doctor you finally select is competent, honest, committed and who will be able to guide, educate and support you on your path to having a baby.

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