Saturday, February 28, 2015

Alternative Medicine- The Best Complement to Boost IVF Success

Science has not been able to conclusively prove that stress and fertility are directly correlated. However, there is a lot of evidence that supports the fact that a healthy & happy mind and body is a factor in the success rates of IVF. As more of these statistics  come to light, a larger number of IVF doctors are now suggesting that their patients opt for alternative treatments such as acupuncture, yoga, counseling, massage and herbal supplements.

Complementing Treatments

It’s important to understand that there is no clinical proof of the efficacy of these treatments with reference to infertility. Even though they are called alternative therapy, this does not mean that they are an alternative to the IVF treatments patients undergo at an IVF clinic. However, there is no harm in using them in conjunction with your standard treatment. They should be thought of as being complementary. Based on an individual patient’s situation, we routinely prescribe that they consider trying some of these therapies. Take a look at the different alternative treatments and how they can help couples boost their chances of successful IVF:

•    Counseling- A failed IVF treatment and a miscarriage eventually take their toll on the couple’s wellbeing. It is important that couples work as a team while they are going through this process. You can be counseled as an individual or as a couple and this helps you prepare better for what is yet to come. You can learn how to support each other  ; and this also helps when you finally get pregnant and embark upon your parenting  journey

•    Acupuncture- Lots of women believe this helps them cope better with the IVF treatment. This is a very "hands-on" treatment, and this can help the patient feel supported and nurtured, over and above its therapeutic effects.

•    Relaxation Techniques- The primary problem with correlating stress & infertility is that any kind of stress is very hard to quantify. Some women express very high-levels of stress while others may not be aware of stresses even though their physical & mental wellbeing gets affected. Using various relaxation techniques, including deep breathing, yoga, massage and meditation helps reduce the stresses and anxiety which plague IVF treatment

•    Herbal supplements - There is a connection between miscarriage & nutritional deficiencies. Ensure that you eat a very well-balanced diet. You can also speak with your IVF doctor about whether any dietary & herbal supplements can foster a healthier environment for your baby. Stay away from processed and fast foods or any other foods that will impact your physical well-being.

The Right Treatment - the best of both worlds !

The idea behind complementing your IVF treatment with alternative therapies is to improve your chances of a successful IVF outcome. It’s important to understand that these alternative treatments should never be taken without consulting your doctor. It’s also crucial that you go to qualified and experienced acupuncturists or yoga teachers. This will ensure that you get the right treatment that will prove to be beneficial to you.

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